A data archive honouring the women who became football greats. Protecting, preserving and promoting the sport’s rich and varied history. Recognition and appreciation … then … now … forever!


Sometimes there is little or nothing on the web about legendary players or stories of the past. This site aims, in some small way, to start putting that right.


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  1. Hi, I’m wondering if you have any stats on Olivia O’Toole who played for Ireland womens national team.


  2. This is fascinating. I watched Fulham Womens Team and saw them in the FA Cup in Swindon in 1998 or9.

    anyway the Sheffield Independent of 27 March 1922 had the draw for the second round of the English Ladies Challenge Cup:

    Mersey Amazons or Rochdale v Fleetwood or Manchester
    Plymouth v Ediswans
    Doncaster v Lincoln
    Coventry or Aston v Birmingham or Dunlops
    Stoke v Huddersied Alexandra or Stoke United
    Huddersfield Atlanta v Chell
    ties to be played before 22 April

    The London Daily News of 21 December 1921 refers to the creation of a new English Ladies Football Association.

    The same paper dated 11 April 1921 has a photo of the Cup Final between Ediswans and Allenbys played at Waltham Cross


  3. Hi
    As a former Committee member of the WFA l am trying to contact Linda Whitehead do you have contact details


  4. Could you please (sorry to ask) correct the spelling of my grandfathers surname? Daniel McGlone father of player Margaret McGlone? thank you…

    Love what you have done! Fantastic


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