Cup Finals

Women’s FA Cup / FA Women’s Cup – Finals (info incomplete)


Women’s FA Cup (1971 – 1993)

Mitre Challenge Trophy (1971 – 1976)
Pony W.F.A. Cup (1976 – 1978)
Continental Wine Experts Ltd. W.F.A. Cup (1978 – 1981)
Niagara Therapy W.F.A. Cup (1986 – 1989)
Mycil W.F.A. Cup (1990 – 1992)


Year Winners Score Runners–up Scorers Venue
1971 Southampton 4–1 Stewarton & Thistle Southampton: Pat Davies (3), Dot Cassell Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, London
1972 Southampton 3–2 Lee’s Ladies Southampton: Pat Judd (2), Sue Lopez Eton Park, Burton
Attendance: 1,500
1973 Southampton 2–0 Westthorn United Southampton: Sylvia Kenway, Lynda Hale The Eyrie, Bedford
Attendance: 3,000
1974 Fodens 2–1 Southampton Fodens: Alison Leatherbarrow (2) The Eyrie, Bedford 1974cupfinal
1975 Southampton 4–2 Warminster Creasey Park, Dunstable 1975Cupfinal
1976 Southampton 2–1 AET Queens Park Rangers Southampton:Pat Davies, Maggie Kirkland
QPR: Paddy McGroarty
The Eyrie, Bedford
Attendance: 1,500
1977 Queens Park Rangers 1–0 Southampton QPR: Carrie Staley Champion Hill, Dulwich
Attendance: 3,000
1978 Southampton 8–2 Queens Park Rangers Southampton: Pat Davies, Sue Lopez, Pat Chapman (6)

QPR: Sandra Choat, Carrie Staley

Wexham Park, Slough 1978cupfinal
1979 Southampton 1–0 Lowestoft Southampton: Pat Chapman Jubilee Park, Waterlooville
Attendance: 1,200
1980 St Helens 1–0 Preston North End St Helens: Sue Holland Southbury Road, Enfield 1980Cupfinalsmall
1981 Southampton 4–2 St Helens Southampton: Pat Chapman (2), Jill England, Hillary Carter
St Helens: Alison Leatherbarrow, Janet Turner
Knowsley Road, St Helens 1981cupfinalsmall
1982 Lowestoft 2–0 Cleveland Spartans Lowestoft: Linda Curl, Angie Poppy Loftus Road, London 1982cupfinal
1983 Doncaster Belles 3–2 St Helens Belles: Sheila Stocks (2), Jill Hanson
St Helens: Alison Leatherbarrow, Liz Deighan
Sincil Bank, Lincoln 1983cupfinal
1984 Howbury Grange 4–2 Doncaster Belles Howbury: Yvonne Baldeo (2), Terri Springett (2)
Belles: Lorraine Hanson (2)
Sincil Bank, Lincoln 1984CupFinal
1985 Friends of Fulham 2–0 Doncaster Belles FO Fulham: Cheryl McAdam, Cathy Hynes Craven Cottage, London 1985cupfinal
1986 Norwich 4–3 Doncaster Belles Norwich:Miranda Colk, Sallie Jackson, Linda Curl, Julie Bowler
Belles:Loraine Hunt, Sheila Stocks, Karen Walker
Carrow Road, Norwich 1986cupfinal
1987 Doncaster Belles 2–0 St Helens Belles: Jackie Sherrard, Karen Walker City Ground, Nottingham 1987cupfinal
1988 Doncaster Belles 3–1 Leasowe Belles: Karen Walker, Jackie Sherrard, Gillian Coultard
Leasowe: Michelle Jackson (pen.)
Gresty Road, Crewe 1988cupfinal
1989 Leasowe Pacific 3–2 Friends of Fulham Leasowe: Jan Murray, Jill Thomas, Joy McQuiggan
Fulham: Hope Powell (2)
Old Trafford, Manchester
Attendance: 914
1990 Doncaster Belles 1–0 Friends of Fulham Belles: Gillian Coultard Baseball Ground, Derby
Attendance: 3,000
1991 Millwall Lionesses 1–0 Doncaster Belles Millwall: Yvonne Baldeo Prenton Park, Birkenhead
Attendance: 4,000
1992 Doncaster Belles 4–0 Red Star Southampton Prenton Park, Birkenhead 1992cupfinal
1993 Arsenal 3–0 Doncaster Belles Arsenal: Michele Curley, Naz Ball, Debbie Bampton Manor Ground, Oxford
Attendance: 3,547

FA Women’s Cup (1993 –)

Year Winners Score Runners–up Scorers Venue
1994 Doncaster Belles 1–0 Knowsley United Belles: Karen Walker Glanford Park, Scunthorpe
Attendance: 1,674
1995 Arsenal 3–2 Liverpool Arsenal: Rebecca Lonergan (2), Marieanne Spacey
Liverpool: Karen Burke (2)
Prenton Park, Birkenhead
Attendance: 3,000
1996 Croydon 1–1 (3–2 PSO) Liverpool Croydon: Hope Powell
Liverpool: Karen Burke
The New Den, London
Attendance: 2,110
1997 Millwall Lionesses 1–0 Wembley Millwall: Lou Waller Upton Park, London
Attendance: 3,015
1998 Arsenal 3–2 Croydon Arsenal: Marieanne Spacey, Rachel Yankey, Kelley Few
Croydon: Joanne Broadhurst (pen.), Hope Powell
The New Den, London
Attendance: 2,205
1999 Arsenal 2–0 Southampton Saints Arsenal: Sharon Hayes (o.g.), Clare Wheatley The Valley, London
Attendance: 6,450
2000 Croydon 2–1 Doncaster Belles Croydon: Carmaine Walker, Gemma Hunt
Belles:Vicky Exley
Bramall Lane, Sheffield
Attendance: 3,434
2001 Arsenal 1–0 Fulham Arsenal: Angela Banks Selhurst Park, London
Attendance: 13,824
2001 cup final small
2002 Fulham 2–1 Doncaster Belles Fulham: Rachel Yankey, Katie Chapman
Belles: Jody Handley
Selhurst Park, London
Attendance: 10,124
2003 Fulham 3–0 Charlton Fulham: Kristy Moore, Karen Hills (o.g.), Fara Williams (o.g.) Selhurst Park, London
Attendance: 10,389
2004 Arsenal 3–0 Charlton Athletic Arsenal: Julie Fleeting (3) Loftus Road, London
Attendance: 12,244
2005 Charlton Athletic 1–0 Everton Charlton: Eniola Aluko Upton Park, London
Attendance: 8,567
2006 Arsenal 5–0 Leeds United Arsenal: Lucy Ward (o.g.), Julie Fleeting, Rachel Yankey, Kelly Smith (pen.), Lianne Sanderson The New Den, London
Attendance: 13,452
2007 Arsenal 4–1 Charlton Athletic Arsenal: Kelly Smith (2), Jayne Ludlow (2)
Charlton: Katie Holtham
City Ground, Nottingham
Attendance: 24,529
2008 Arsenal 4–1 Leeds United Arsenal: Kelly Smith (2), Jayne Ludlow, Lianne Sanderson
Leeds: Jessica Clarke
City Ground, Nottingham
Attendance: 24,582
2009 Arsenal 2–1 Sunderland Arsenal: Katie Chapman, Kim Little
Sunderland: Kelly McDougall
Pride Park, Derby
2010 Everton 3–2 AET Arsenal Everton: Natasha Dowie (2), Faye White (o.g.)
Arsenal: Kim Little (pen.), Julie Fleeting
City Ground, Nottingham
Attendance: 17,505
2011 Arsenal 2–0 Bristol Academy Arsenal: Kim Little, Julie Fleeting Ricoh Arena, Coventry
Attendance: 13,885
2012 Birmingham City 2–2 (3–2 PSO) Chelsea Birmingham: Rachel Williams, Karen Carney
Chelsea: Helen Lander, Kate Longhurst
Ashton Gate, Bristol
Attendance: 8,723
2013 Arsenal 3–0 Bristol Academy Arsenal: Steph Houghton, Jordan Nobbs, Ellen White Keepmoat Stadium, Doncaster
Attendance: 4,988
2014 Arsenal 2–0 Everton Arsenal: Kelly Smith, Yukari Kinga Stadium mk, Milton Keynes
Attendance: 15,098
2015 Chelsea 1–0 Notts County Chelsea: Ji So-yun Wembley, London
Attendance: 30,710


Spotted any errors? Can you help fill in the missing goalscorers and attendances? Please get in touch!


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