Hard-hitting news and views, from the angle of women’s football history. Here you’ll find all the articles which don’t fit neatly into the profiles or match reports categories.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Women’s Football Archive. They are NOT endorsed by any of the former players mentioned or depicted here.


Published Title Abstract
12 August 2017 Op-ed: ‘Wiki Geeks’ locked in spiral of failure A missive from the coal face of Wikipedia – the much-ridiculed online encyclopedia.
25 February 2017 EURO 2017 Blog: Will Scotland be Aye Ready? A dissection of Scotland’s ongoing woes and an (accurate!) prediction of their EURO 17 flop.
23 January 2017 Sunderland and the WSL – professionalism in English women’s football A response to Sunderland’s scaling back of their women’s team budget, and the wider issues facing the FA WSL.
25 February 2016 Scottish football held back by “man’s game” delusion An intemperate rant lamenting the effect of outmoded notions of masculinity on football in Scotland.
29 November 2015 #SHEKICKSBACK 2, Doncaster, 23 November 2015 A report from the #SHEKICKSBACK event hosted by She Kicks magazine and the Women’s Soccer Zone podcast, starring Sue Smith, Karen Walker and Gillian Coultard.
12 November 2015 Right to Reply: Farmer on Stoney Chelsea Ladies founder Tony Farmer slaps Women’s Football Archive down and – while he’s at it – clears up some misconceptions about his beloved Blues.
25 April 2015 Five players NOT in the English Football Hall of Fame A list of the most glaring omissions from the Football Hall of Fame. And a call for it to be put right, pronto!
31 January 2015 Calling all Stattos A heartfelt plea to help stats boffins RSSSF put the women’s game on the record for future generations.
18 January 2015 Goalkeeper blog: So Terry Wiseman was no Hope Solo… A riposte to a (since deleted) YouTube video which showed England great Terry Wiseman kicking into a strong wind and sarcastically compared her to Hope Solo.
13 December 2014 Official: Rangers better than Celtic A tongue-in-cheek meditation on Rangers Ladies Football Club and their continuation beyond the scandalous death of their original male club in 2012.
18 October 2014 Arsenal Ladies FC are a franchise This article focuses on Arsenal Ladies’ foundation in 1987: an Invasion of the Body Snatchers-style takeover of Aylesbury Ladies.
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