An ‘Original’ writes

England ‘keeper Sue Whyatt: Forget me not!


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1972 England goalkeeper Sue Whyatt recently got in touch with Women’s Football Archive:

Hi I am Sue Whyatt, I played goalkeeper for Macclesfield Ladies and alongside Janet Bagueley also from Maccs team. I also played for England. I was on the first England squad in 1972 and won 1 cap playing against Scotland. I was the reserve goalie. I seem to have been missed out of all the history of England Ladies. I still have my cap and a scrap book though I canโ€™t find my picture of us at Wembley when we were issued with bags and boots, all of which we had to give back !!


That’s Sue on the right, leaning over to share a joke with Macclesfield pal Bagguley. Both sport the controversial barely there knicker-shorts issued to the squad, while a trendy platform shoe lies discarded by Sue’s foot.


Beside her, footballing ex-nun Paddy McGroarty beams as she rips open her on-loan Mitres. The late Sylvia Gore is in the corner, beside the obligatory tea urn. Young Maggie Kirkland (later Pearce) sits behind Bagguley on the floor.


Thanks for getting in touch Sue – it’s always an honour to hear from players who played their part in making the game we all love into what it is today.


Further reading: Sue’s July 2017 interview with the WFA History website.

3 thoughts on “An ‘Original’ writes

  1. Hi my name is Wendy Murray(Griffiths) I played in the 70โ€™s for Macclesfield Ladies as a 14 yr old from Stockport I remember Veronica Bailey being involved … I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me … Rita Crosby who also played was older than me & used to take me on the train to training & Matches on a Sunday…

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  2. Hi. I’m Gill Hughes. I also played for Macclesfield Ladies in the early 70’s alongside ‘Veron the bomb’ Veronica Bailey, Sheila Barber, June Wardle (Smith), Judy Nash, Sue Parrimore, Rita Ainsworth, Rita Crosby, Sue Whyatt, Janet King, Hazel Anderson, Janet Bagguley, ‘Nobby’ Styles, Ken Whittaker was our Trainer along with Janet Lancaster. We trained on Tuesday nights and played on Sundays. I remember playing teams called Fodens from Sandbach, Corinthians from Manchester, Doncaster Belles. It was an enjoyable period in my life. Hi to all the ‘old’ girls.๐Ÿ˜‚

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